Peter Darvall, a foremost scholar and collector of Buck’s work, has written Buck’s biography which was published in July 2015.  Publication coincided with the opening at the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford in the summer of 2015 of the Adam Buck Exhibition. This book is a pioneering reference work comprehensively illustrated with over 100 plates.

The book not only deals with Buck’s miniatures, portraits and paintings in both Ireland and Britain but also expands into his less well-known prints and decorations on china.  It also covers his family in Ireland and later in England.

Once in England, Buck enjoyed the patronage of fellow ex-patriots like John Burke (author of Burke's Peerage).  Buck's Irish connections as well as other events in his long and eventful life are covered in this informative and extensive biography.



The book's title is "A Regency Buck, Adam Buck (1759-1833)".  It is available at various locations, including:

  • from The Ashmolean Museum, Oxford and the Crawford Art Gallery, Cork
  • from (

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